Drive,Patek Philippe,replica,watch,Ryan Gosling

In the 2011 underground hit movie “Drive,” Ryan Gosling has an unexpected co-star—a vintage Patek Philippe replica. While the film’s budget allowed for the use of the original, its creators chose to use a replica watch in order to protect a real, rare vintage watch from harm. “Drive” is a thrilling Hollywood car-chase film with a gritty film noir feel. Gosling portrays a getaway driver and complicated, questionable hero. He uses his replica Patek Philippe to time his 5-minute waiting limit during heists and to save himself from being caught up in a job gone wrong. While his replica watch was made specially for the film and is not widely available, there are tons of affordable and modern replica Patek Philippe watches available.


Drive,Patek Philippe,replica,watch,vintage,Ryan Gosling

If you want a Patek Philippe replica with a great vintage feel like Ryan’s (pictured above), we recommend the current Calatrava Collection (pictured below). Patek began producing this line in 1932. Today, these replica PP watches are very similar to the one worn and used by Ryan in the film. Note the matching small seconds subdial and hour markers.

Calatra,Drive,Patek Philippe,replica,watch,Ryan Gosling


Ryan Gosling is a style icon and Hollywood hunk with more than good taste and a pretty face. This leading man possesses a versatile talent, overwhelming natural charm, and a lot of valuable experience. He has been gracing the screen with his good looks since childhood, when he spent his days co-starring on the Mickey Mouse Club with Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears. Since then, his varied roles have won him much critical acclaim and fan admiration. In the past few years, he made everyone cry in “Blue Valentine” and then made us all laugh with “Crazy Stupid Love.” Of course, nearly every woman in America fell in love with him while watching “The Notebook,” including his co-star and former girlfriend Rachel McAdams.

Drive,Patek Philippe,replica,watch,vintage,Calatra,Ryan Gosling

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