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Time To Invest In Vintage Classic Counterfeit Watches

A Patek Philippe replica watch that sold for £9 million has focused attention on vintage watches as an alternative investment. Art and auction aggregator Barnebys together with watch specialist Paul Maudsley talks us through the market

Paul Maudsley, International Specialist-Director Watches at Phillips, based in Berkeley Square says: “Men’s watches have become both a status symbol and a solid investment that you can also wear on your wrist.”

What sort of growth have we seen in the top end of the watch market?

“There has been growth across a broad spectrum of the watch market not just the top end. Each year more collectors come on board thus creating points where the values rise due to demand.”

Which brands lead the way?

replica patek philippe nautilus for women

replica patek philippe nautilus for women

“Without doubt the top two watch brands in the vintage market are Patek Philippe and Rolex. Patek Philippe was long the leader in the auctions with record after record. But then Rolex and certain vintage examples started to gain momentum and now some easily break the $500,000 and $1,000,000 mark.”

What is the most collectable watch at the moment?

“If you look at the two main brands and then into sub-section it would be Patek Philippe Chonographs/Moonphase and then Rolex Submariners, with all their different models/reference numbers.”

Who buys what? Do different nationalities go for different things.

There’s no hard or fast rule as to what geographically location buys what type of watch anymore. It’s an entirely global audience we cater too.

Are there any new developments in this old craft?

“There’s much more avant-garde replica watch design with contemporary watchmakers now than we have seen in its history. Using lots of unusual materials/coatings.”

If so what are the most exciting?

“This is a personal thing and whilst some of the very unusual watches get the headlines, the sales don’t necessarily back it up. I personally like the work of Laurent Ferrier and Kari Voutilainen.”

How would you describe your top collectors?

“The top collectors vary in terms of character, type of professions etc., but in terms of age the majority of the top ones fall within the 30-50 years old age group. The one main single thing that they do almost all share, is a ‘passion’ for watches.”

Do they wear them or are they sitting in bank vaults?

“Of all the top collectors I know most wear their watches, clearly depending on type, location. I had a coffee just he other day with a collector and he was happily wearing his Rolex that he bought through me at Phillips. It cost over £800,000.”

Give me a steer on what advice you would give someone with £5,000,

“If your budget was that amount I would be looking at a vintage chronograph like a Universal Tri-Compax, or an Omega Speedmaster, great heritage on each model.”

“£50,000- I would be looking at a best Patek Philippe Ref: 3970 perpetual calendar replica watch in either rose gold or platinum. A timeless and elegant watch.

“£100,000+ – You are able to secure some of the rarest watches. The iconic Patek Philippe Ref:1463 chronograph or the Ref:1526 with moon phase would be great trophy for the collector

Is there much difference in prices for men’s & women’s replica watches?

“The market for ladies watches at auction is very small and only account for a very small percentage of our sales so it would be very hard to make a comparison.”

versace replica

Versace Presents Floating Quality Golden Medusa Within Its Palazzo Empire Imitation Watches

Versace’s major imitation watch launch for the Spring/Summer season is the Palazzo Empire collection, which the brand says has come straight from the fashion empire’s 2017 catwalk presentation.

The watches feature a three-dimensional Medusa head, which is sandwiched between two watch glasses so that it appears to float above the centre of the sunray guilloché dial.

versace replica

versace replica

The 39mm cases house a quartz Ronda 762 movement.

The top ring has an enamelled Greek key design in colours that match different coloured calfskin straps.

The swiss replica watches will be on sale in March in three white, black or pink editions.

Samsung Gear S3 Replica Watches – The New Frontier Of Wearable Technology

As more and more products become ‘smarter’, retaining a sense of the status quo is increasingly becoming a focal point of discussion. Samsung’s contribution to this conversation is the replica Gear S3.

The company has developed a wearable device that exceeds the limitations of analogue with innovative digital technology, yet pays the deepest homage to the craftsmen who breathed life into timepieces of old.

Gear S3 replica watches

Gear S3 replica watches

The Samsung Gear S3 frontier and classic smart copy watches comes in two designs which is the frontier and the classic designs.

Outdoors or in a board room, the elegant Gear S3 frontier performs in any environment. Nevertheless, it looks and acts the way it should—as a workhorse that is equally elegant in a three piece as it is rugged in the great wilderness of nature.

The Gear S3 classic with bigger screens and batteries is aimed at stylish 20-30 somethings who value function and practicality. A hipper, younger design with no frills was the approach for this version of the device. Added to that is the diverse range of wristbands that let trendsetters express themselves in their own unique way.

Recently, consumers are seeing smart outsexes apple copy watches not as smart devices but as multi-purpose timepieces. As such, refinement was the key concept for the design of the Gear S3.

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3

The company undertook an exhaustive study of timepieces, surveyed a wide range of users and attempted to define the size and form factor of a watch that makes it just that, a watch.

The circular UX, first introduced in the Gear S2, was once again applied to the Gear S3, showcasing a new direction in wearable UX design.

The new Samsung Gear S3 is not just a new smart device but a wearable one that complements your way of life.



Samsung has improved its Always On Display for the Gear S3 with a newly structured low energy setting, the watch face is always on, with more vibrant color and detail, like its active second hand.

Going beyond the basic functions of a smart device by innovating your way of life, the Samsung Gear S3 begins your journey of Meaningful Innovation as a new vision in wearable technology.

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic will be available in Malaysia in December 2016.

Technical Specifications

Samsung Gear S3

Dimension: Frontier – 46 x 49 x 12.9T (63 grammes), Classic – 46 x 49 x 12.9T (59 grammes)

Display: 1.3 inch (33mm), 360 x 360 Fullcolour AOD, Corning Gorilla Glass SR+

Memory: 768MB, expandable until 4GB

Charge: Wireless charging (WPC inductive)

Sensor: Accelerometre, Gyro, Barometre, HRM Ambient light

Hole band: Small – 110mm, large – 130mm

Battery: 380mAh (approximately three to four days)

Operating system: Tizen based wearable OS 2.3.2

Chipset: Exynos 7270, Dual 1.0GHz

Features: Water and dust resistant

Are You Satisfied For A Small Replica Watch?

Retro-chic replica watches with cases which are smaller than 40 millimeters were vast at this year in Switzerland, even as manhole covers like those in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new fake watch line, with cases measuring up to 58 millimeters, grabbed headlines.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual replica

Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual, with 39mm case ($5,700) and Cartier replicaTank Solo, with 34.8mm case ($2,550). Credit Nathan Fox

seiko replicaTimex for J. Crew replica vintage army field watch with 36mm case ($98) and Grand Seiko replica 62GS re-creation of the 1967 original, with 37.6mm case (starting at $4,300). Credit Nathan Fox
“It started with guys wearing sports replica watches with suits, and that was the small opening that turned it into a contest: How big could it get?” Glenn O’Brien, GQ’s Style Guy, said with disdain. “Everyone was wearing these hockey pucks on their wrist. It was just one of the hallmarks of the new age of conspicuous consumption.”
Fortunately, an insurrection was brewing. Scruffy heritage-chic types with a taste for vintage everything started scouring eBay and flea markets for 1950s gems by Bulova and Heuer, which often came in cases around 35 millimeters, as most men’s watches did for generations.
Others were going cheap chic and retro with old-school military watches, like the ubiquitous $98 Timex for J. Crew vintage field army fake watch, introduced in 2011.
Swiss watchmakers, hit hard by the 2008 economic collapse, started to look to the vast market in China, with its prevailing taste for smaller, sleeker dress watches, said Joe Thompson, editor of WatchTime magazine. “When clean, classic elegance returned, thanks to the Chinese consumer, the watch world in general nodded in approval at the beauty of the simple dress watch,” Mr. Thompson said.
“Suddenly, a 39-millimeter best replica watches with no subdial and just one or two hands looked just gorgeous,” he said. “Who knew?”

The Fans Of A. Lange & Söhne Replica Watches At The Hands Of Ben Laukis

Just found some time to do a sketch based on the A. lange & Söhne best replica watches uk Zeitwerk incorporating the Dresden Opera house clock from which it was inspired and as well a close up of the iconic hand engraved LANGE balance cock. I also think their “State of the Art Tradition” motto rings very true in this piece in particular.

I really admire the skill and craftsmanship A. Lange put into their watches, even if only focusing on the movement itself. It’s as if they approach the design architecturally to be visually satisfying but without being flashy as well as performing its specific duties. And the personalisation of each balance cock is just mouth watering. The watch making artisans at work here are top of their field. Overall, focusing on keeping traditions while pushing the envelope. Well done Lange.

a. lange & söhne aaa rated replica watches

a. lange & söhne aaa rated replica watches

The Presentation of Patek Philippe Replica Reference 5074P Minute Transponder

We begin an extraordinary comparison of replica Patek Philippe’s wonderful minute transponders: References 5074P and 5078P.

Any good good friend lately pleasant relief me personally the chance to blast together of these replica mens watches, in addition to we’ll end up being giving these folks along in the three-part collection establishing by using Benchmark 5074P, switching to component a couple of and also the Benchmark 5078P, in addition to deciding which has a couple of side-by-side photos and a “chime-off” letting you focus on together pieces in addition to decide which you’ll end up being requesting Santa Claus (as well as Thierry Stern) because of this 12 months.

When there’s any intense curiosity with regards to which in the not one but two Post have a preference for, I’ll obtain which concern straightened out right this moment: Post obtain the 5074P that they are on the list of greatest modern wristwatches; it is just a piece which awes me personally all the time Post manage one particular.

Patek Philippe Replica Reference 5074P with the brand-specific diamond

Patek Philippe Replica Reference 5074P with the brand-specific diamond

That sonorous chiming of these extra-long “cathedral” gongs is made for me personally any good dissimilar to any in addition to, whenever in addition to another top features of this specific watch, essentially produces a good unbeatable blend.
Happily, that activity side in the watch offers a lot fewer difficulties! That shiny insights in the bevels, finished drain, black-polished hammers, and also the mesmerizing engraving to the rotor present plenty of visible fascination, and also the Geneva striping in addition to round graining tend to be particular plenty of to capture that light source within a good number of situations.

patek philippe replica

patek philippe replica

Each one of that said, this may not be an uncomplicated watch to photo! Black-dialed designer watches come in general challenging to capture, and also the Patek Philippe Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar 5074P makes elements more difficult with all the contrasting light source bouncing from it has the broad, shiny platinum bezel in addition to lack regarding anti-reflective layer to the crystal.

In lots of illumination conditions in addition to from a good number of sides, that used bright platinum numerals which might be any characteristic in the watch have a tendency to fade away in to the background in the dial since noticed because of the digital camera.

Those who keep an eye on them may note that Patek Philippe Reference 5074P have promoted the saturation level and vigour of the blue moon phase disk which is quite a bit relative to the actual watch!

Franck Muller Replica Watches Explores the Extremes of Tourbillon Construction

Franck Muller Replica Watches

Franck Muller leans on its in-house talent to push the limits of its tourbillon watches.

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For Pierre-Michel Golay, master watchmaker at Franck Muller Watchland, making a new wristwatch means setting a new benchmark. Asked to create a timepiece “with a lot of hands,” he spent half a decade developing the massive, 36-complication Aeternitas Mega 4. “I had always wanted to make a very complicated watch,” he says, recalling the genesis of his 2009 magnum opus. “I suppose I got carried away.”

So when CEO Vartan Sirmakes decided to follow up the Mega 4 with another superlative in the tourbillon field, he knew that Golay and Watchland’s engineers would not let him down. Golay vowed to create the largest tourbillon cage that could fit inside Franck Muller’s signature Curvex case, which he calculated would result in the biggest tourbillon the world had ever seen.

Even as Golay began to sketch out the movement—drawing bridges and gears by hand—he and his team knew that the greatest challenge would be power. A huge tourbillon, even if made of lightweight titanium, would require four mainspring barrels to provide enough power reserve for reliable timekeeping. By stacking his barrels in pairs, Golay optimized both energy and space, achieving a power reserve of nine days and allowing the tourbillon diameter to be expanded to an unprecedented 20 millimeters. (A standard tourbillon cage is roughly half that size.) Dubbed the Giga Tourbillon, this achievement drew the attention of watchmakers and collectors when it was released in 2011.

Golay has found that the larger tourbillon has timekeeping advantages: “With a bigger balance wheel, there’s more accuracy,” he says. Still, the main impetus for the Giga was aesthetic. “The 10-millimeter tourbillon was very popular in the ’90s, but today it has lost its glamour,” explains Franck Muller director Nicholas Rudaz. “We wanted a more visually striking tourbillon.” The Giga’s skeletonized movement—which is mounted upside down to show off the bridges, mainsprings, and tourbillon cage to maximum impact—ensures that the tourbillon regains the attention the brand attracted when Franck Muller Replica UK was first launched.

And if the company is producing the biggest tourbillon, then why not also the smallest? With the Lady Tourbillon, Golay and Watchland’s engineers had an opportunity to set another record, but they had to first overcome a wholly different set of challenges. For instance, the diminutive heart-shaped tourbillon cage had to be machined in titanium, not because of weight but because the wire was so thin that a less elastic metal would have deformed. They also had to be attentive to the escapement itself. “Within the small cage, we made the balance wheel as large as possible,” Golay says. “The replica watch must be accurate.”

Around the same time that the Giga and Lady Tourbillon were completed, Golay’s cousin and protégé Jean-Pierre Golay came to him with a new idea: a rearrangement of traditional escapement gearing to make a tourbillon spin extraordinarily quickly. In prototypes, Jean-Pierre succeeded in making the cage rotate every 6 seconds, 10 times faster than an ordinary tourbillon. But then Watchland learned that a competitor was developing an equally speedy tourbillon. Sharing his older cousin’s competitive ambition, the younger Golay promptly adjusted the gearing to spin his tourbillon a record-breaking 12 times per minute.

Released in 2014, the Thunderbolt Tourbillon uses four barrels and a titanium cage like the Giga, but extreme speed requires more than just enormous power. Golay and his team increased the escapement frequency to 3 hertz compared to the 2.5 hertz frequency used in other Franck Muller tourbillon Replica Watches. And the cage turns on ceramic bearings to mitigate friction, ensuring that the whirlwind does not wear out or rip itself apart.

“The speed has an incredible effect aesthetically,” says Rudaz, noting that visual spectacle was Watchland’s motivation for making the timepiece. “Next to a Thunderbolt an ordinary tourbillon looks incredibly dull and slow, and next to a Giga an ordinary tourbillon looks minute. From the beginning, Franck Muller pushed the limits of design and creativity. We are working in the same spirit today.”

Replica Bvlgari & Franck Muller Watches

I’m happy to share with you the photos and words that one of my readers sent me via e-mail. Peter is at his second readers review and I have to thank him for being such a great guy and sharing photos and giving feedback on his purchases based on my recommendations on

This time he got two replica watches, one is a replica Bvlgari Diagono – yellow gold, white dial and black rubber band, and the second is a replica Franck Muller Casablanca – white dial, rose gold and brown leather strap.

Replica Bvlgari Diagono Yellow Gold Watch

Replica Bvlgari Diagono Yellow Gold Watch

As I can tell from these two watches and the others that Peter sent photos of before I have to say that he likes yellow gold watches and that he’s very stylish. I really like to see more models that I have not focused on looking great and being of good quality.

Here are Peter’s words about his new watches – I pasted his e-mail in exactly as he wrote it:

“Hi jJames, here our the photo’s of the two new watches bought from Watch Inc. They both look really nice on. The quality is unbelievable, fantastic replicas, cannot tell the difference from the real thing. they are well worth the money you pay for them. I have not been disappointed with any of my watches, I recommend anyone to get one from Watch inc.”

I’m very happy for you Peter that you are enjoying Watch Inc’s good quality fake watches. I’m also glad that I could help in recommending this website to you. As I said before you cannot go wrong with them. I never did and neither did Peter and we always got good watches and I believe that the photos speak for themselves.

Thank you once more Peter for sending me the photos and your feedback and giving me the opportunity to share all this with the rest of my readers, I really appreciate it.

Replica Franck Muller Yellow Gold Watch with Brown Leather Band

Franck Muller Yellow Gold Watch with Brown Leather Band