Replica Watch Review: Vacheron Constantin Aronde 1954 April 5, 2016 April 5, 2016 timeclub12

Vacheron Constantin replica uk

Vacheron Constantin is one of the most remarcable watch brands in the world and it is without a doubt the company that makes some of the most complicated and exquisite designs ever. Everyone who knows a thing or two about watches is aware of the impressive fame this brand has and of the distinction you get just by owning one of these beautiful timepieces.

This is why, choosing what Vacheron Constantin model to buy is not such an easy task. Over the years, the company has made numerous timeless designs, watches that are considered true masterpieces. One of my favorite models is the Vacheron Constantin Aronde 1954. This classic model has such elegance and refinement that no one could resist its charms. It is perfect for a special occasion or for a business meeting. It has simple lines, luxurious materials and a seductive combination of ivory and gold. I simply love it!

This is my latest replica acquisition. It came in the mail last week and sice then I have been wearing it daily. I know it isn’t such a complicated watch, both in terms of functions and designs, but I adore its looks and the way it feels on my wrist. It is the classi example for a stylish watch. It just needs to tell time and look elegant. And it does this with so much class that it suprises me.

Vacheron Constantin Aronde 1954 replica uk

Referring stricly to this replica watch, I must say that it is an exact reproduction of this very famous Vacheron Constantin design. The Vacheron Constantin Aronde 1954 fake watch is made out of solid stainless steel and it is triple wrapped plated with gold. The dial has those nice pattern lines that split the dial in four sections. The hour indexes and hands are also gold and keep the simple look of this replica watch.

I like very much the black crocodile strap that feels very comfortable and natural on the wrist. The watch isn’t heavy. It is actually quite light considering the thick saphire crystal it has, but then again, this watch has quartz movement so obviously is lighter than an automatic movement watch.

For all the above reasons I just love this Vacheron Constantin Aronde 1954 replica watch and I think it is the perfect choice for important meetings or events. It looks very authentic and it feels great on the wrist. I recommend it to all of you who adore the classic look of a refined Vacheron Constantin timepiece.