Looks like this Montblanc replica watch has a good share of popularity among my readers and it seems that the simple black on black stylish watch always works for most of us. It’s been a couple of months if I remember correctly since I got this piece and started wearing it occasionally to see how and if people are interested in it.

Even though Montblanc fake watches are not among the most popular replica watches, brands simply because the brand although it has a solid place among the Swiss watchmakers it’s not viewed as one of the top luxury brands, this replica Montblanc Star managed to spark some good interest and I got some good looks and questions and feedback from wearing it.

Montblanc Star 4810 replica watch
Montblanc Star 4810 watch

It’s pretty damn close to the real deal I would say and the best part here is that few will know too many details about this piece anyways. Original costs only about 5k so if you’re not that much of a “show off” type then this simple black on black fake Montblanc dressy watch might spark some interest. There won’t be a lot of people doubting a 5k watch on one’s wrist when dressed properly or just simply casual but on the other side 5k is still a lot of cash for a Montblanc watch and I’m not the type of making payments on a watch. It’s just not me.

The two big chronographs are very close to the original end even though the one at 12 o’clock is just for show the one at 6 o’clock shows the military hour. Date window appears also in the 6 o’clock chrono and the dial black pattern as well as the polished numerals and hands match the original. Scratch-proof crystal is slightly domed and falls nicely on the case. Montblanc logo on the crown and an engraving in German on the other side of the case are two good design elements. Black alligator imitation leather strap is of good quality and I really like the hidden clasp that looks like a simple buckle.

There’s the Montblanc logo and brand name engraved on the buckle and on the inside of the leather strap as well. See-through back case exposes the Japanese automatic movement and has some good engravings on the rotor. Overall I’m pleased with the looks and feel on this piece and with the details and the finishing touches as well. It’s a simple and stylish fake watch that can be accessorized on a casual or dress outfit no problem.

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