Replica Watch makers and retailers need perfect foresight to predict what shapes, design details, colours and materials will hit the mark with their customers months or years ahead.

For watchmakers, it is vital to be able to see more than a year into the future to ensure that the stainless steel bracelet replica watches on their drawing boards today are going to be the hero products of tomorrow.

ladies replica watches
ladies replica watches

Retailers need to make their buying decisions in the first quarter, many months ahead of the biggest selling period of any year.

It is this urgent need that has prompted trends forecaster Adorn Insight to take the guesswork out of the process, with the publication of its 2017 Watch Report.

Adorn Insight is the UK’s leading trend forecaster for jewellery, and is drawing on that expertise in the 2017 Watch Report, which focuses purely on predicting what will happen in the market for leather wrist women replica watch.

The 43-page Watch Report provides unrivalled intelligence on consumer buying choices and the direction of new watch designs for next year.

“For retailers and fake watches with beautiful and spectacular models brands alike, this unique resource – which is 100% focused on the womens’ market – fills a much-needed gap in a market often dominated by male-centric analysis,” says Juliet Hutton-Squire, head of global strategy at Adorn Insight.

A demonstration of the 2017 Watch Report to WatchPro reveals the depth and sophistication of the analysis.

It gives an overview of the perrelet diamond flower women’s watch market by category, and then drills into the key design influences and trends relating to watch straps, cases, dials and hands.

Contents include analysis of contemporary, jeweled, fashion, fine and heritage watches. Each category of design vintage fashion copy watches then has forecasts on design details that are set to sell best including analysis of colour, faces, number replacements on the dial, strap trends and other trends.

“From game-changing macro trends including sustainability, new retail models and advances in material and digital technology, to detailed illustrations that showcase novel design solutions and their application, this report is an invaluable resource that will support and inspire essential buying and design decisions,” says Ms Hutton-Squire.

“Whether your focus is fashion ladies’ replica watches, private label, own brand, haute horlogerie or affordable luxe – if you’re serious about growing your watch business, this is one report you can’t afford to miss,” she adds.

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